A downloadable game for Windows


It takes about 5 minutes to figure out the mechanics.

Simplest controls - 2 buttons for main modes. Basic goal is to reach the top score. Honest and simple competition.

Really relaxing, but dynamic gameplay awaits everyone from the first moments of the game.

Control the little blob and gather the food. Become bigger and stronger.

Get to fight other players, talk in chat, make friends and enemies.

Game features

Massive amount of the modes, PvP and PvE, elaborate social component and customisation options make the game really addictive!

A single session takes from several minutes to however long you can stay on top. The game doesn't require a lot of your time, which isn't getting in a way of feeling all the dynamics and competition in the game.

Multiplatform and miltilanguage. You're playing with people from all around the world and different devices.

Eat the weak, escape the strong, gather mass. Create clans, sets, coalitions. Conquer servers or whole modes and everyone will know that.

You can play without client via http://petridish.pw

Install instructions

Please note: we use code protection in out client. Some virusmakers use it, too, so sometimes this fact alone is just enough to antivirus program to give a false positive. You can check the results of current build's scan here:

If you don't know what is it, or do not trust us - not a problem, just don't download.


PetriDishJ.exe java client 13 MB

Also available on

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